HELLO! I'm Rossa.

I'm currently working at Disney, creating magical guest experiences for Disney Parks and Resorts. I recently earned my master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Interaction Design and worked as a UX Design Intern at Microsoft.

I studied Painting and Graphic design at San Francisco Art Institute. After graduation, I flew off to South Africa to work as a graphic designer in a non-profit organization. There I found my passion for designing experiences for not only those in the wealthiest countries but also those in the less developed. I believe that providing an inclusive experience that supports and enables everyone to partake in is fundamental to great design.

My unique experiences, having lived and worked in multiple cities and countries, has taught me how to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and to bring empathy to every stage of the design process. When designing, I try to understand people and the world that they live in, on a deeper spectrum so that the design goes beyond that of the obvious and the commonplace understanding. 

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling to new countries, finding hot and unique restaurants, and participating actively in pro bono work for animal shelters.

I’d love to hear from you! 
Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or Email.